Banqup for Accountants

Banqup for accountants

Creating the digital link between you and your customers
Accounting tools to connect with customers

Why accountants choose Banqup

Banqup exists to enhance your role. Because your time as an accountant is better spent providing your customers with your expert financial advice. 

Automate your processes, benefit from real-time customer document access and utilise insights trends like never before.


One digital connection between your firm and customers

Thanks to Banqup, your firm benefits from real-time access to your customers’ digital invoices and documents. Access and process at a time that works for you and enhance the value of your customer relationship.

Manage your customers centrally

Link your accounting package

E-invoicing ready

No data-inputting with OCR technology

Hear it from our Banqup customers

“Thanks to Banqup, we provide this information almost in real time, allowing us to better advise the customer.”

Daniel Lorent, Gecco


Embrace digital ways of working with Banqup

Digital processes save time, create smarter ways of working and allow for real-time collaboration.

These are the benefits of Banqup. Both you and your customers can automate the manual, time-consuming tasks, and spend time where it’s needed the most.

Discover what digitalisation can do for you and your firm and say hello to real-time customer collaboration.



The most seamless of accounting integrations

Banqup creates one financial ecosystem by being independent of accounting software. 

Continue working with your familiar ERP or accounting platforms and feed your customers’ invoices, documents and data from Banqup into your existing systems.

Discover more about Banqup’s integrations.


What else did Banqup accountants ask?


Banqup is a digital accounting tool that creates the link between you and your customers' financial documents and data. Banqup provides real-time access to your customers' payments, billing and invoicing, so that you can process them at a time that works for you.

Banqup is independent of accounting software and can seamlessly connect with your existing ERP or accounting systems.

Benefit from smarter, more seamless processes.

No more data-inputting, no more chasing receipts, just a real-time cash overview and instant document access. Show your customers your time is better spent as their strategic adviser. And leave the manual, admin tasks to Banqup.

1. Your customers upload their invoices, receipts and financial documents, and carry out all payments on their Banqup platform.

2. Banqup's OCR technology and data validation means that neither you or your customers need to input any invoice or receipt data.

3. Once the documents have been uploaded, your customers select which documents you will have access to. They can give you instant access by default, or access on a document by document basis.

4. Your firm will then be able to view all your customer's documents and payments.

5. Process the documents and payments at a time that works for you and feed straight into your ERP or accounting software.

Yes. You can decide which members of your firm view which customers. Define user levels and set rules that work for you.

OCR means Optical Character Recognition.

OCR is a technique used for the electronic extraction of data. Invoices and documents are scanned by Banqup and data is extracted from there.

Banqup always uses automatic OCR, which is included as standard with all subscriptions. Banqup also has a manual OCR for 100% invoice recognition, for this your customers need the Banqup Premium subscription.

For you as an accountant, Banqup is free. Take a look at the pricing page to understand the different levels and prices for your customers.

Both your firm and your customers can get in touch with the Banqup Customer Support team. You can either email, telephone or fill in an enquiry form on our support page. Take a look at the support page for all of your options.

Demo Banqup

See Banqup in action and discover the simplicity of your Banqup Console and your customer’s Banqup platform.

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