Why Banqup?

Accountants choose Banqup

Create one digital link between you and your customers and benefit from seamless ways of working
Digital accounting and SME tools

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Banqup is a simple and smart digital business tool for managing your customers’ payments, invoicing and billing in one digital place.

Designed for accountants and their SME customers to automate and simplify manual financial processes.

Banqup provides the one digital link, allowing for instant collaboration between you and your customers. Show your customers that your time is better spent providing your expert financial advice, and let Banqup take care of the admin and financial tasks.

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Why accountants choose Banqup

Banqup is the one automated solution for you and your customers that creates multiple benefits for your firm.

Cost and time savings

Save time and cut your costs with Banqup. But how?

It’s easy. Banqup means no more collating documents, no more time-consuming data-entry and no more rushed tax returns.

Just a one way entry to view your customers’ financial documents and data, fed straight into your integrated accounting software.

Better workload distribution

Would you benefit from more control, visibility and real-time customer financial access? Well, it’s a good job you have Banqup. Banqup provides your firm with a better workload distribution.

Instant customer document, data and payments access means you can view, analyse and process when it works best for you.

More time to provide financial advice

Do what you do best and spend your valuable time providing your customers with the advice they need.

Afterall, fewer admin tasks means more time for collaboration.

Prove to your customers that your billable hours are better spent being their strategic, financial advisor. Become your customer’s trusted financial partner and show how you can help their business grow.

Take your customer relationship to the next level

Spot customer trends and gain the exact financial insights you need using Banqup’s data dashboards and insight tools.

Use the insights to help your customers make more informed financial decisions. And as their financial advisor, you can really take your customer relationship to the next level.

Enhance your firm's value

Champion a modern and digitalised service that until today was only reachable by the big accountancy firms.

Your digital offering will help expand your geographical reach and show your customers that your relationship can be reached from anywhere.

Start future-proofing your processes and enhance your firm’s value with Banqup.

Works effortlessly with your accounting package


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