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The simplest digital tool for SMEs

Banqup is the simplest tool you need to manage your payment, invoicing and billing tasks
Banqup is the simplest digital business tool for SMEs

Digital processes in just a few clicks

Are you a sole trader, freelancer, self-employed or small business? Then, processing your payment, invoicing and billing processes has never been simpler.

Create, distribute and monitor digital electronic invoices with Banqup


Invoicing that saves time and gets you paid quicker? Yes please. Digitalising your invoices couldn’t be easier.
Pay bills and attached payment buttons to invoices with Banqup


Get paid quicker than ever before and also pay bills in a matter of clicks. It’s simple with Banqup.
Integrate your bank accounts into Banqup

Bank connections

One dashboard to view ALL your bank balances. With Banqup it’s easy, secure and in real-time.
Create, distribute and monitor digital electronic invoices with Banqup

Tax compliance

Discover Making Tax Digital and tax compliance regulations. Learn how to comply with Banqup.

Dashboards and data insights for your cash flow in Banqup

Cash flow and insights

Make more informed business decisions with eyes on your past and present cash flow.

Banqup is your one stop shop solution for payment, billing and invoicing processes


For FREE? Of course.

Manage payments, billing, invoicing and admin on the go anytime, anywhere.


"Banqup is a quick fix that works. Fast,
plug & play, and without the hangover.
All I can say is to give it a try!”

Franky - The driving force behind Turbeau Noir


Getting started with Banqup

  • Try for free. Try Banqup for free and discover how quick you can transform your business processes.
  • Start in no time. Enter your business information, create a password and that’s it! You’re good to go!
  • Instant invoices. So you’re set up, now what? It’s simple! Instantly start creating, sending and receiving your invoices.


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Integrations and applications

Do you use a CRM platform, e-commerce site or business finance software? Keep your existing technology and link directly into Banqup using Banqup’s APIs.

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