Easily pay and get paid with Banqup

Have the confidence knowing you can pay and get paid on time with Banqup’s easy payments. Automatic payment processes and multiple payment options in no time.
digital and invoicing payments with Banqup

Your Banqup Business Wallet

Paying and getting paid are the simplest of tasks with your Banqup Business Wallet.

What is your Banqup Business Wallet? Your Banqup Business Wallet is an IBAN account issued by Unifiedpost Payments. It provides your business with one simple tool to pay and get paid.

Get started with a Banqup Optimum account and start enjoying Banqup’s payment solutions.

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How do I start enjoying Banqup's payment solutions?

Get started with a Banqup Optimum account and enjoy easy payments in no time at all.



Pay easily with Banqup

Why not pay your bills and invoices in a simple, easy way?

  • Upload, view and pay your bills without any data inputting required
  • Pay multiple bills in one go
  • Authorise payments using your Banqup ID app
  • Store all your paid bills in Banqup's digital archive


Get paid easily with Banqup

So, you want faster, more accurate payments? Then get started with Banqup.

  • Enjoy faster payments with Banqup Paylink payment buttons
  • Never get paid late again using Banqup's payment reminders
  • Accept payments using PSD2, credit cards and local payment methods
  • Payments through Banqup Paylink are automatically reconciled
  • Create and send invoices in seconds to make sure you get paid even quicker

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Enjoy extra Banqup payment features

Extra features that enhance your payment processes.

  • Check balances and cash flow on the go with your Banqup app
  • Banqup Terminal POS (point-of-sale) functionality
  • And coming soon your very own Banqup debit card

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How do I benefit?


Extra security

Carry out business transactions stress-free with secure and authorised payments.

Accurate cash flow

Correct and on time payments provide a more accurate cash flow.

Save time

Automated payment tasks save you and your business time.

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Activate your Banqup payment solution today and start enjoying pay and get paid features in no time.

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