Tax Compliance

Comply with local einvoicing and tax regulations

Secure, accurate and tax compliant e-invoices without any extra work required, all by using Banqup
Meet local tax compliance and e-invoicing regulations with Banqup

What is e-invoicing and tax compliance?

Many European countries are actively reducing their VAT gap. This is the amount between VAT expected and VAT declared.

This means that governments are implementing mandatory electronic invoicing for full visibility of business invoicing activity.

To comply, your business needs an e-invoicing solution that connects to your government’s e-invoicing platform. With Banqup, this is easily done for you.

Using Banqup create e-invoices in second. Distribute them via our network and connect to your government platform. We’ll make sure you have all the right fields you need, in a format that ensures you comply.


Comply with Banqup

When will the regulations affect me?

Within the UK, the latest tax compliance regulations are in relation to Making Tax Digital. Take a look at the next important Making Tax Digital (MTD) dates and see what your business needs to do to comply.

  • April 2022: MTD for VAT applies to all VAT registered businesses below £85,000
  • April 2024: MTD for income tax applies to self-employed and property businesses with a gross income of over £10,000 per year
  • April 2025: MTD for ITSA applies to unincorporated partnerships that earn over £10,000 per year


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Extra Banqup compliance features

Ensure your business remains compliant by using Banqup's extra features.

  • Connect and send invoices to international networks such as Peppol and EESPA
  • Secure archive that automatically archives your documents for the UK’s minimum requirement of 6 years (from the end of the financial year it was issued)
  • With instant accountant access, your accountant can more easily make sure your invoices and processes are compliant


Comply with Banqup

How do I benefit?


Compliant software

Banqup helps you become compliant with the connection to over 60+ global government tax platforms.

Simplify tasks

E-invoicing regulations may be mandatory, but e-invoicing also automates your processes and simplifies admin tasks.

Save time

Leave the tax compliance expertise to Banqup and spend your valuable time on your business.

Comply with Banqup

Make mandatory e-invoicing and tax compliance processes easy tasks with Banqup.

Comply with Banqup