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The Best Billing Solution for Your Business

Banqup, the cleverest way to create, send, receive and pay invoices and keep an overview of incoming and outgoing invoices.

What does Banqup stand for?
has a new successor, offering many more opportunities than before - meet Banqup! It’s a simple and secure Pan-European invoicing and payment management system. Not only can you send e-invoices easily —Banqup allows you to do so much more.

You can prepare and send sales invoices, receive and pay purchase invoices and archive documents — all from the same online environment. There’s also an option to digitise invoices and receipts. This will make your company's billing and management activities much easier and faster.

Banqup is a Unifiedpost service designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, sole proprietorships and freelancers.


Buy time!

Banqup will significantly reduce your company's paperwork and automate tasks you've always had to perform manually. For example, you can escape from the time-consuming and mundane manual entry of invoices and receipts – this is done automagically by the functionality of our digitization. Purchase invoices also do not need to be entered manually — saving you a lot of valuable time.

The power of numbers

Your financial position plays an important role in making business decisions. With Banqup, you’ll always have a real-time overview of any incoming and outgoing invoices. You can easily analyse sales revenue and, if necessary, make timely adjustments to your business.

Simple Set-Up

Banqup is very easy to use. Register right here on the website and your account will be available instantly on your computer, smartphone and tablet. You’ll be able to start creating sales invoices, digitizing receipts, archiving documents and everything else. It's as simple as that! There’s also a free package, so you can get acquainted with Banqup's options.


"Banqup is a necessary innovation for a small business – you can quickly send invoices online and, crucially, receive and make payments. This huge step towards business automation makes competitors jealous!”

Heikki - In Nomine's driving force


Creating and sending sales invoices is a piece of cake!

Our invoice solution is designed to allow your company to create sales invoices with accuracy and ease.

Banqup Create sales invoices in less than 60 seconds
Banqup Create an up-to-date overview of all open sales 
Banqup Provides smooth archiving of paid invoices


Processing Invoices Has Never Been Easier

In addition to creating and sending invoices, our platform allows you to easily manage incoming invoices as well as other (non-financial) documents and administrative tasks.

Banqup Receive incoming invoices directly in Banqup
Banqup Have a clear overview of all your customers and suppliers, incoming & outgoing invoices and cash flow.
Banqup Store important (non-financial) documents safely

The best solution for you and your accountant

Add your accountant as a user under your Banqup account and all necessary invoices and documents will move digitally in the future. You decide which documents to send and they’ll reach your accountant automatically. No manual billing. It means faster business and a win-win situation for both of you. There are also connections to accounting software.

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All purchase and sales invoices in one place


Digitization of invoices and receipts


We save you valuable time

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Sign up and get to know Banqup! For the first month, we recommend choosing a trial package to get all Banqup functionality completely free for your company for a whole month! 

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