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"ALD is growing out of the bounds of a conventional leasing company and moving towards becoming a true mobility provider. Consequently, our products grow more complex. This shift is only possible with a modern and fully digital approach, and we know we can count on Unifiedpost Group to help us achieve this critical transition."

Miel Horsten - General Manager, ALD Automotive

"We were able to decrease our dependency on slow and complex IT release cycles by empowering the business to create efficient, customer-centric and multichannel client communications."

Olivier Onclin - COO, Belfius

"With Z login I can log in safely, for example at RVO. Our company is located in a rural area, where the range for mobile phones is not always optimal. The great thing about Z login is that I can also log in with an OTP device, so that I can also access the relevant information when my reach is poor. And because we are an LTO member, I also get an extra discount!"

Eefje Meihuizen-Kuyt - Agricultural Entrepeneur & District Counsel FrieslandCampina

“Securex is a strong believer in digital processes as they are faster, easier to track and more cost-efficient than those that rely on paper. In our continuous journey towards digital workflows, we always keep evaluating our tools and processes. Unifiedpost Group, with its proven track record in digitalising similar processes, developed this innovative solution for registered letters, making them the obvious partner in taking this next step.”

Dimitri De Schepper - Digital Director, Securex

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As businesses grow, the administrative burden usually grows with them. Managing high volumes of transactions can be a significant strain on resources– especially when it’s done the old fashioned way.

We have developed our documents & communications solution specifically for enterprises that manage high volumes of financial transactions.


Fully certified, and compliant with all required privacy and security regulations, our Identity services provide secure platforms for online identification and onboarding.


As one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, we can make the entire financial supply chain simpler, whether the customer is a multi-national corporate, or a SME serving a small local market.

Finance & Services

Our platform and marketplace, allow for additional services to be added easily to diverse ecosystems to offer, for example, financing, credit scoring or debt management solutions.