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The all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs who want to manage their administration and invoicing with ease.

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Our secure platform allows you to create, send, receive, pay and archive invoices via laptop, smartphone or tablet. It can also store all your non-financial documents too; making those piles of paper disappear from your desk. It also provides you with a clearer overview of your administration and saves you time  to invest  in the things that really matter.

Did you know that an SME entrepreneur (who does not use a digital solution) spends an average of 13 hours and 20 minutes a month on financial administration… But what if you could invest this time in something else?

Designed to ease your burden

Banqup is a all-in-one solution which helps entrepreneurs simplify the process of creating, sending and receiving invoices, as well as managing and archiving documents. Thanks to Banqup, you have a status overview of your outstanding purchase or sales invoices (based on expiration date) anytime, anywhere. With the clear and intuitive dashboard, you won't lose sight of any deadlines, so you can be sure that everything has been paid on time and avoid unnecessary costs.

An invoicing tool that allows you to create, send and follow-up sales invoices.

Banqup One platform for all your financial and non-financial documents.

Banqup A real-time overview of your outstanding invoices, top customers and suppliers.

Banqup A handy app where you can scan and upload all your non-digital documents too.

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Banqup for accountants

Banqup is an online platform that removes the administrative hassle for both you and your customers. Thanks to Banqup, your customers can share all
their invoices and documents with your firm digitally anytime, anywhere.

Would you like to know more about the integration with your ERP/CRM package? Do you have questions about how to activate your customers on Banqup? Would you like a quote for your firm and customers? Or would you like a live demo of how it all works?

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