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The all-in-one solution

Banqup helps entrepreneurs simplify the process of creating, sending and receiving invoices, as well as managing and archiving documents.


Create and Send Sales Invoices in Just a Few Seconds


Creating, sending and tracking sales invoices has never been easier.
 Create an invoice in 60 seconds
 Monitor invoice status
 Secure archiving

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The administration tool you've always missed


Say goodbye to paperwork. Thanks to Banqup, those piles of paper disappear from your desk for good.
 Receive and manage incoming invoices
 Overview of your customers and suppliers
 Secure digital storage

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No more late payments

Thanks to Banqup, you will have a clear view of the status of every invoice. With Banqup's clear and intuitive dashboard, you won't lose sight of any deadlines so that you can ensure everything has been paid on time

Say goodbye to stacks of paper

Lost a VAT receipt? Looking for that paper invoice from a few months ago? Well, thanks to the Banqup solution, this is now a thing of the past! Upload all of your documents to your Banqup platform with just a few clicks, or via the app's scan function. Plus, with secure digital archiving you can safely retrieve all documents anytime, anywhere.

Your accountant receives everything without you having to leave the house

Banqup is also able to create a digital link between you and your accountant. Delivering documents to your accountant has never been easier. Through Banqup, your accountant will see all of your documents that you have received, sent and paid for. You will no longer need to visit your accountant, or send over email attachments, as Banqup will allow your accountant an accurate view of the financial status of all your documents. What more could you ask for?

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