The administration tool SMEs can't live without


Say goodbye to paperwork. Thanks to Banqup, those piles of paper will disappear for good.

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Banqup goes the extra mile for SMEs


A lot of business' time is wasted managing time-consuming, manual admin processes. Luckily, there is another way!

Never lose a financial document again


Thanks to the digital mailbox, the app’s scan function and the ability to drag & drop files on computer, businesses can convert all (non-digital) documents, invoices and receipts into a digital format to store on the Banqup platform.

Thanks to Banqup's smart app, businesses can even scan paper documents on the go. Banqup's smart OCR (Optical character recognition) tool then converts all data into a digital format. So businesses don't have to keep or lose any paper documents ever again.

Or businesses can also easily upload received documents in ubl format via the Banqup email address or drag & drop functionality.


 Doc Center: save documents that aren't invoices


The Doc Center is used to store all documents that aren’t invoices or credit notes.. This way, businesses can easily keep an overview of all their non-financial documents. Businesses can create (sub-)folders, tag the documents and share them at any time with their accountant, should they choose to.

Clear overview of customers & suppliers


If a business would like to have a complete overview of all customers & suppliers, then it's possible in Banqup. Simply save a new customer or supplier and use this data to create and send sales invoices to the right customer faster.


Reliable digital archive


Say goodbye to thick folders of old documents. Save all invoices and receipts in a digital archive. Financial documents can be safely stored on the Banqup platform, allowing businesses to consult it whenever and wherever they want. This way, businesses don't have to keep physical papers as everything is stored digitally.


Focus on what you really like to do

Banqup helps you to manage your administration with ease. Say goodbye to the piles of paper on your desk, those lost VAT receipts or those invoices that still need to be processed. Thanks to our solution, managing your administration has never been so simple and smooth, allowing you to invest your valuable time in more important things. Contact us to see if Banqup is available in your country.

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