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Pay the easy way using the
Banqup Business Wallet

What is a Banqup Business Wallet?

A Banqup Business Wallet is a personal business digital wallet that allows SMEs to pay using just one tool.

Once successfully onboarded, businesses can integrate their existing bank accounts and pay invoices easier than ever before.

Just as businesses keep evolving so does the Business Wallet. With coming soon additional features such as a Banqup Business Account, Banqup Paylink payment buttons and Banqup Business Card!  

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All business' cash flow in one place

It’s difficult to manage multiple bank accounts, several payment cards and various financial platforms. But not with the Banqup Business Wallet. Businesses can pay supplier invoices easily and track their cash flow in real-time.


Pay supplier invoices

Pay supplier invoices in just a few clicks and set-up recurring payments.
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Get paid on time

Businesses can create invoices in seconds and distribute them instantly so that they get paid on time. Plus, businesses can get paid using their Business Wallet with soon to be available digital payment features.
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Use just one digital tool

Use the simplicity of the Business Wallet to enjoy payment features on a laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Paying invoices has never been easier

It is time consuming to receive and track invoices, check content, monitor the payment due dates, enter all the invoice’s data, pay via a banking app and try to run a business at the same time.

Not with Banqup.

Banqup’s Business Wallet does all the work. With integrated payment features and automatic processes, business payments have never been easier.

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Paying invoices using the Business Wallet

Paying invoices using the Business Wallet is a secure, quick and easy process.


Receive invoice(s)

Receiving invoices is easy with the Business Wallet. Drag & drop PDF files, take a picture using a smartphone or receive supplier invoices directly in the Banqup platform.

Choose invoice(s)

See invoices on the platform with all the information captured electronically. Meaning no data-inputting is required! Then select the invoice that needs to be paid.

Pay invoice(s)

Using the Business Wallet, businesses can pay supplier invoice(s) using their existing bank accounts. Accounts that have been connected (or integrated) into the Business Wallet.


Invoice status will change to “Paid” and will be automatically archived.

The all-in-one automated platform


Banqup Less time spent entering information and keying in data
Banqup More accurate supplier invoices and payments, with less chance of human error
Banqup All payments via one simple tool
Banqup Real-time overview of upcoming, outstanding and paid supplier invoices 
Banqup Automatic processes and notifications, creating easy to manage payments and supplier invoicing tasks 

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Interested to know more about Banqup's payment solution?

Banqup's payment solution is available in select countries for who businesses who have been successfully onboarded using the Unifiedpost Payments onboarding process. To find out if Banqup and the payment solution is available in your country and suited for your business, get in touch via the button below and we will be in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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