Banqup salesforce
Banqup salesforce

Convert your Salesforce orders into sales invoices 


Convert your salesforce order automatically into a sales invoice in no time

Lookup invoices very fast in your digital archive based on a Salesforce account

Collect & accept your invoice anytime anywhere in your mobile app


Send your sales invoices in electronic format to your customers

Pay your supplier invoices easy without errors and in time

Save office space and clean up your paper archive

Collaborate with your account in a digital way


Easy monitoring of your supplier and sales invoices and related payments

Get paid faster by adding a payment button on your B2C invoice

No additional billing application required

Convert your Salesforce orders into sales invoices through multi-channel delivery with integrated payment requests in order to get your invoices paid faster

Banqup Salesforce solution description

• Convert your salesforce order into a sales invoice

• Add a payment request on your B2C invoice in order to get your sales invoice paid faster

• Send your sales invoice in electronic or PDF format to your customer

• Enrich your Salesforce account insights with customer behavior analytics regarding outstanding invoice amount, real payment terms per delivery channel and much more

• Find easy your sales invoices on account level and the related outstanding payment amounts and the related historical trends

• Document archive, safeguarding documents for a period no less than specified by legal archive requirements in your country

• Simplify your administration by integrated collaboration and invoice processing to your accountant

• Receive, process and pay(*) your supplier invoices in Banqup

• Monitor your invoices anytime anywhere through your mobile app

• Payment methods offering a choice of MasterCard, Visa, debit card or PayPal payments for the payer of a sales invoice (*)

• Obtain a Unifiedpost business account for collecting sales invoices and paying supplier invoices (*)

(*) depending on your Banqup susbscription type and country of service