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What is Banqup?

Simplifying the administrative burden for SMEs, the self-employed, and freelancers.… is our core belief.

We offer you the opportunity to manage all of your administration and invoicing in a smooth, simple, and secure way. Our all-in-one platform for administration & billing provides an overview of all your incoming and outgoing invoices, on-demand from anywhere... Allowing you to spend less time on administration and invoicing, and make quick adjustments where necessary.


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Simply create and send invoices


Create business invoices with accuracy and ease using Banqup’s invoicing solution.
Banqup Create sales invoices in less than 60 seconds
Banqup Up to date overview of all open sales invoices
Banqup Track real-time invoice sends, views and payments
Banqup Easily archive all paid invoices

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Spend less time on your admin

As well as organizing your invoices and payments, use Banqup to manage other business documents and admin tasks. 

Banqup Receive purchase invoices directly in Banqup
Banqup One clear overview of all your customers and suppliers
Banqup Secure digital archive for any non-financial documents


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Designed for ease

View, create, receive, process, and archive all incoming and outgoing invoices on a single platform - and see an overview of them. You will also be able to handle other non-financial documents. This will save your precious time on business.


The power of numbers

Your financial position plays an important role in running a healthy business. Thanks to our tool, you can review your financial status in real-time. Keep an eye on your incoming and outgoing invoices, easily analyze income from sales and make timely adjustments where necessary.

Less manual work

No manual data entry - receive e-invoices directly from other users. PDF invoices are digitized in Banqup. The platform recognizes key account fields and converts them to digital e-invoice format (XML).

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Access to the accountant

By linking the Banqup platform with your accountant, you will share invoices and other documents. You’ll spend less time managing your invoices, and your accountant will be able to process everything faster and give you more accurate insights.








"Banqup is a quick fix that works: fast,
plug & play, and without the hangover”.
All I can say is to give it a try!”

Franky - The driving force behind Turbeau Noir

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