Frequently Asked Questions

The only person, who can represent the company according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, can register the company on Banqup with Smart-ID or mobile signature. We aim to build a reliable network for business. After registration, the company owner will be able to create logins and grant the necessary rights to the accountant or individuals who are involved in purchases or sales.

Sales invoices. You can configure the settings for issuing invoices: choose the template, upload a logo, configure automatic numbering, and set how invoices will be sent to your customers.

Purchase invoices. You can digitize all your purchase invoices and receipts. Also, you will have the possibility to create a personal mailbox to which you and your suppliers can send invoices.

Banqup is an e-invoice platform, so you can receive invoices in XML format from other users of the Banqup platform. Also, you can upload PDF invoices into the system and digitize them.

Yes, you can! The package is a free bundle that allows you to try Banqup without any fee. This bundle will allow you to process up to 50 invoices per year. If you would like to process more invoices or switch to a package with even more options, simply choose another package and all your stored data will be transferred automatically.

If you want to share your documents with your accountant via Banqup, it is important that they are also connected to Banqup. This is very simple. We have a specialized team dedicated to bringing accountants on board. All you must do is send us your accountant’s contact details and we will do the rest.

This way, we make sure that everything is set up with your accountant and you can begin sharing documents.

Not at all! Banqup is a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to easily receive, send, and archive invoices.

1. Activate your account
After receiving the Banqup message that your account is created for you, click the link to set a password. If you do not find an email, check the spam/promotions folders. You will activate your account by creating a new password.

2. Log in to Banqup
Banqup will send a message with a login link to view the invoice. View your invoice by entering your login details and clicking on the "Purchase Invoices".

3. Help
If you are unable to log in or have questions, please contact the Banqup support team at

One of the senders of the invoices (e.g. Šiaulių bankas) has added you to the system in order to send you e-invoices. If you want to view the invoice, click on the password in the Banqup message and you will find it in the "Accounts Receivable" environment by logging in to the platform. After opening the invoice, click the "Accept" button - this will allow you to download the XML file and you will no longer be sent reminders about the received invoice and its confirmation.

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