Purchase invoice management

All your invoices,
receipts, and other financial documents in one platform

You can convert non-digital documents, invoices, or receipts to digital format on the Banqup platform. So, you no longer must work with paper or PDF documents, fear of losing them or making mistakes by entering them manually.

Automate the flow of purchase invoices and payments.

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Automation of invoice receiving

Possibility to have a separate mailbox to which you can forward purchase documents or provide an address to suppliers where they can submit invoices. Invoices received in this mailbox will be placed in Banqup.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool recognizes key invoice fields (vendor information, dates, amounts, etc.) and converts them to digital format (XML). Up to 95% of data is recognized.

E-invoice receiving

Ability to receive real electronic invoices (XML) from other Banqup users. These invoices will be received in digital format.

Approval of invoices

Accept the received invoice or define which vendor invoices are automatically accepted on the platform. You will be able to control the flow of invoices you receive. You'll be able to add an additional colleague to your invoice verification.


You will conveniently see a summary of what your purchase invoices have already been paid or are due, as well as the total debt to the supplier. This will control your cash flow and payable amounts.

Long-term archive

You will have the opportunity to archive invoices for up to 10 years in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Mobile app

You can manage your invoices from anywhere. Thanks to our mobile app (iOS, Android) you will be able to scan paper documents, even when traveling. They will be automatically digitized and uploaded to your Banqup account.

Integration with an accounting system

You will be able to transfer the received invoice in digital format (UBL) to the accounting system you are using. There will be a possibility to use additional integrations to transfer invoices.

Payment of purchase invoices

With the payment function, you will be able to pay the received invoices directly from the platform, you will no longer need to log into internet bank separately. 

Document center


You can save documents that are not related to invoices in the Document Center. It makes it easy to view all your documents in one place, create folders or subfolders, and share them with your accountant as needed. Also, your accountant will be able to upload the documents you need to sign.


No manual data entry


Everything is in one place in digital format


No lost invoices or documents


Your accountant has access to your documents

Is the transformation to digital administration a challenge for you?


Then our e-Guide can help. Digital administration saves you an enormous amount of time, money and stress. In this handy e-guide, you'll learn how to get rid of those mountains of paperwork step by step.

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Banqup helps you to manage your administration with ease. Say goodbye to the piles of paper on your desk, those lost VAT receipts, or those invoices that still need to be processed. Thanks to our solution, managing your administration has never been so simple and smooth, allowing you to invest your valuable time in more important things.

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