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Create and send sales Invoices in just a few seconds

With personalized invoice templates, lists of goods/services, and suppliers, invoicing will take just a few moments. You can send the issued sales invoice in the most efficient way:

BanqupDirectly to another Banqup system user. The invoice will be delivered in digital format (XML) to the recipient.
BanqupBy email – you can monitor if the invoice has been received and opened.
BanqupTo PEPPOL (Register Centre „E. Sąskaita“). 

After issuing a sales invoice and sending it to the customer, you will be able to place a "Pay" button. The customer will pay the invoice with just a few clicks - no payment details will be required to fill, and you will see on the platform which invoices are paid. All major Lithuanian banks are available. 


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Creating sales invoice

Create templates for invoices with your company logo, contact information, automatic numbering, etc. In less than 60 seconds, you will issue a sales invoice by selecting a customer, product, or service and specifying the price.

Sending invoice

You will send the sales invoice by choosing the most efficient method. Also, you will be able to track its delivery status.

E-invoice delivery to B2G 

Banqup has access to the Peppol network, so you will be able to send invoices to public sector companies (B2G) to the “E.Sąskaita“ platform of the Center of Registers (invoices for public procurement).

Overview dashboard

Convenient overview of which sales invoices have been paid already or the deadline is due to come. Control easier your cash flow and receivable amounts.

Mobile app

You can issue sales invoices from anywhere by mobile app. They will automatically appear in your Banqup account.

Client database

You can upload your customers/ products lists and conveniently manage your database for your services. So, you can do billing faster.

Integration with an ERP

You will be able to transfer the issued invoice in digital format (UBL) to the accounting system you are using. There will be a possibility to use additional integrations to transfer invoices.

Collection of payments

You will be able to place a "Pay" button on the sales invoice. It can be paid with just a few clicks by your customer. You will see in the platform which invoices are paid. Coming soon!


Manage sales invoices and payments in one place


Time savings


24/7 management



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"Thanks to this tool, I waste less time on administrative tasks and can focus more on my designs and growing my client base. “

Elena - Freelance graphic designer


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