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Banqup Business Wallet 

It is your personal digital wallet that allows:

Banqup Pay invoices in one place. Simply integrate your existing bank accounts and pay your invoices easier than ever before. 

Banqup Collect payments from your customers.

Pay purchase invoices in one place

Manage purchase invoices and payments for them in one place. You will no longer need to log in to your internet bank separately and indicate information to complete the payment. All data will be filled in automatically - all you have to do is to mark specific invoices and confirm the payment.

Link your bank account to your Banqup IBAN account.

You'll see the "Pay" button in the Purchase Accounts environment.

After selecting all the required invoices and clicking "Pay", you will make payments to the specific suppliers.

Collect payments with sales invoices

Add a "Pay" button to the sales invoice, which was created in Banqup. Allow your customers to pay the invoice with a few clicks. This way, you can collect payments from your customers faster and more efficiently. On the Banqup platform, you will see immediately which invoices have been paid by using the "Pay" button. You can avoid marking payments status separately.

Add the "Pay" button on the sales invoices to collect payments from your clients.

When a customer clicks on the "Pay" link, they will be directed to their online bank for payment.

Once the customer has made the payment, the sum will be transferred to your Banqup account.


Payments are made and received faster.


Manual work is avoided.


Invoice and payments management in one platform.

Integration with banks


Banqup payments functionality has integration not only with Lithuanian banks but also with banks in many European Union countries: Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and the Netherlands. And we are constantly expanding!

Manage your invoices and payments in a smart way!


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