Banqup plans

Intended for businesses with either low document volumes or a desire to sample the service.
Intended for businesses that need a solution to manage supplier and customer invoices.
General Functionalities
Max. 2 users per company. 4 €/ month for each additional user.
Number of users
Mobile app
Unlimited number of documents. Saving and sharing documents with your accountant.
Document centre
Customer and supplier database
Your files will be kept in the archive.
12 months
10 years
Purchase Functionalities
Receiving invoices
Automatic data extraction via software (OCR - Optical Character Recognition)
Automatic data extraction
No manual validation
With extra manual validation
Sale Functionalities
Manually or via UBL file import. Invoices are created directly in the application or a UBL invoice is imported. UBL (Universal Business Lanuage) is the standard format for electronic invoicing.
Creating invoices
PDF or XML (UBL) formats.
Sending invoices
Possibility to send e-invoices to Centre of Registers „E. Sąskaita“ (for public procurements) and Peppol (European e-invoice network).
Centre of Registers „E. Sąskaita“ / Peppol
Possibility to link to an accountant package via API
Accounting connection (via API)
4 €/ month for each additional user. Possibility to order on the platform.
Additional User
4 € / month
5 € / month for each additional IBAN. Possibility to order on the platform.
Additional IBAN
Please select the number of documents for which you would like to the price in the dropdown menu below on the left.

* Prices are exclusive of VAT
The number of documents is not accounted for invoices that have been submitted to the Banqup platform automatically.

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