Document Management System

A document management system is a convenient and safe way to implement effective electronic document management. Banqup's digital platform allows SMEs to store all of the documents and invoices used in the day-to-day operation in the same place, without the need to use several different tools to administer the document management processes. 


The administration and document management system you've always wanted


Say goodbye to paperwork. Thanks to Banqup's dosument management system, those piles of paper will disappear from your desk for good.

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Decrease your administrative burden using document management software


As an entrepreneur, you want to move forward and grow your business as much as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of valuable time is spent managing the administrative burden. Luckily, there is another way – Banqup‘s effective document management system offers modern solutions for electronic document management, helping you achieve your business goals.

Never lose a

receipt/invoice/document again


Thanks to the digital mailbox, the app’s scan function and the ability to drag & drop files on computer, you can convert all of your (non-digital) documents, invoices and receipts into a digital format to store in your Banqup document management system.

Using our smart app, you can scan an invoice or even paper documents on the go. Our smart OCR (Optical character recognition) tool then converts all data into a digital format. So you don't have to keep or lose any paper documents ever again.

Or you can also easily upload received documents in ubl format via the Banqup email address or drag & drop function. Whichever solution you prefer, using Banqup document management software will help you digitalise your workflow, improving internal processes and simplifying document management.



Doc Center: scan and store all kinds of documents, not only invoices


The Doc Center is used to store all documents that aren’t invoices or credit notes.. This way, you can easily keep an overview of all your non-financial documents. You can create folders and subfolders, tag the documents and share them at any time with your accountant, should you choose to.

Clear overview of your customers & suppliers


Would you like to have a complete overview of all your customers & suppliers? That's also possible in Banqup. Simply save a new customer or supplier and use this data to create and send your sales invoices to the right customer faster.


Reliable digital archive


Say goodbye to thick folders of old documents. From now on, you can save all your invoices and receipts in a digital archive. Your financial documents can be safely stored on your Banqup platform, allowing you to consult it whenever and wherever you want. This way, you don't have to keep all those papers physically, you’ll have everything available digitally.


Electronic document management lets you focus on what you really like to do

Banqup document management system helps you to manage your administration with ease. Say goodbye to the piles of paper on your desk, those lost VAT receipts or those invoices that still need to be processed. Thanks to our solution, managing your administration has never been so simple and smooth, allowing you to invest your valuable time in more important things.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Banqup document management system work?

Banqup document management system is a digital platform that offers solutions for effective oversight and automatisation of document management. Using the document management software, business owners and employees are able to store and conveniently access all of the company’s documents including invoices and receipts, as well as non-financial documents in one place.


How are documents digitalised?

The digitalisation of documents is being performed using an optical character recognition tool (scanner), which recognises text within a digital image. Using this technology, paper documents can easily be converted into digital files. Using the OCR tool in the Banqup document management system, you'll be able to scan invoices and documents even on the go.


How does the document and invoice recognition software work?

OCR invoice processing is performed using an algorithm that’s trained to recognise various kinds of written text. Modern developments in the technology allow to easily scan any kind of document and instantly convert it to a file.


What are the benefits of using the Banqup document management system?

Banqup document management system allows SMEs and freelancers to simplify document management and running of the business, as well as to optimise financial processes. The platform also eliminates any need for manual data entry. Banqup provides convenient document storage in a safe digital archive without the need for stacks of paper and large folders, as well as ensures instant access to them.