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Satisfied customers thanks to Billtobox

Since 1991, Daniel Lorent and his partner have been in charge of the Gecco office in Farciennes, about five kilometres east of Charleroi. In 28 years, his company - and the sector in general - has undergone many changes. Digitisation and the Internet have probably been the most important changes and still offer opportunities for innovation. Gecco recently acquired Billtobox, the community platform of Unifiedpost Group. "My customers are fully involved in this implementation. »

Gecco started using Billtobox in February 2018, with the aim of processing its first files electronically in February 2019. Today - three months later - the curator is already reaping its first fruits. And although Daniel Lorent realizes that he has not been able to fully exploit the platform's potential in this short period of time, he is happy to share his first experiences with us.

Focus on service

Unlike many of its competitors, fiduciary gecco did not use any scanning method before Billtobox went live. Clients delivered their documents to Gecco on a quarterly basis and the Gecco team scanned them themselves. "The reason was simple: we wanted to provide the best possible service," explains Daniel Lorent. "I didn't want to ask my customers to scan their documents without getting anything in return.
"The disadvantage was that the manual processing of our customers' documents was very time-consuming. My team of 3.5 FTEs spent about two full weeks per quarter. In total, it took 28 weeks of work on an annual basis, which is a lot! Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past, because our customers send us their documents electronically, in UBL format. Thanks to Billtobox, they also benefit from this. » 

Time saving and peace of mind

The benefits for our customers are great. Perhaps the biggest advantage for Daniel Lorent is the short time between entering the documents and gaining insight into the customer's financial situation. It used to take up to a month. "The customer was then confronted with an outdated financial situation. Thanks to Billtobox, we provide this information almost in real time, allowing us to better advise the customer and enable him to make the right decisions. »
Besides saving time, Billtobox also brings real peace of mind. "Coding errors are always annoying, but even more so in the fourth quarter, just before the closing of the balance sheets. Fortunately, we have a very experienced team and we assign each case to a dedicated employee. As a result, such errors were very rare even before Billtobox, but now we've had even more assurance since we've been working with Billtobox. This is very reassuring for my staff and our customers. »
Another advantage is that all Billtobox documents and data are always at hand. This is not only useful for the customer, but also for Gecco. "If we have to do an audit at the weekend, we no longer have to go to the office to pick up paper documents. We open Billtobox from any computer. "Billtobox is also a user-friendly tool, where everything can be retrieved quickly.

Change Management

When it comes to innovation, managers must take into account the objections of the staff. But although Gecco has only recently started using Billtobox, Lorent says that every employee has quickly incorporated Billtobox into their daily routine. "Of course, the good support played a major role in the smooth implementation of the platform. »

Trusted Belgian supplier

Why did Daniel Lorent choose Billtobox? "Unifiedpost Group is a reliable Belgian supplier offering a high-performance tool with a user-friendly portal. I thought this last point was essential, especially for my customers. I didn't want to work with an anonymous American professional solution. »
Mr. Lorent didn't choose this solution overnight either. He has challenged Billtobox with what he calls "geek" customers. People who, like him, are interested in technology. "I didn't make my decision until I got their blessing. It was harder to convince our non-isolated customers. But I really took the time to inform and advise them thoroughly. It was a big investment on my part, but a necessary one. Now that they too see the benefits of Billtobox, they are all fans. »
"Unifiedpost has guided us well from the start and they continue to do so. When I detect a problem, I get immediate feedback and they are glad I report it. It's a very fruitful collaboration. »

What does the future bring?

Billtobox offers many other possibilities, from which Daniel Lorent wants to benefit even more. "The transition to Billtobox is deliberately gradual. That way, the evolution I had in mind does not turn into a revolution. Once I have entered all the necessary parameters into my accounting program, Billtobox will be compatible with my accounting program. I will then benefit from all the advantages of the UBL format. I'm convinced that Billtobox's potential return on investment is much higher than what I'm getting today. »

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