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Harm Verbiest
Xavier Delattre runs his accountancy firm in Peruwelz, Wallonia, with about eighty clients. Since April 2018, he offers them an even better service thanks to the implementation of Billtobox, Unifiedpost's community platform. "An enormous progress, both for our office and for our customers.

Even before the implementation of Billtobox, Xavier Delattre’s firm was already investing heavily in digitisation. "We managed our documents digitally as much as possible, even when many of our colleagues were still largely working with paper. We were always looking for the best tools. For a long time, we used an electronic tool that helped us a lot, but also had some disadvantages. First of all, our customers still had to pre-encode everything themselves. For many of them, this was too high a threshold, which prevented them from entering the system. For other, mainly smaller, customers, the monthly cost of the tool was the most important threshold".

Creative with scanners

In order to offer its customers maximum digitization and automation, Delattre pulled out all the stops. He also developed a system where customers could send their scanned documents to a specific e-mail address with a specific subject line. "In itself an improvement, but not watertight either: if the customer made a mistake in the subject line, for example, things still went wrong. We even offered our customers pre-programmed scanners for a while. They were set up in such a way that they almost automatically forwarded all scanned documents to us in the correct way. Our customers were very grateful to us for that, but we still had the problem that the documents came in as PDF files. And so not in UBL format, the well-known standard for electronic business operations".

Delattre clearly went to extremes for his clients, but a simple flow of documents between the client and his office remained a distant dream. Until he found Billtobox...

Maximum care

"This system is really a relief. The biggest advantage lies in the fact that it saves our customers so much time and work. In fact, our customers all want the same thing: to get their documents to us as simply and quickly as possible, and then no longer have to worry about them. Exactly that relief is what we can offer them thanks to Billtobox.

According to Delattre, the strength of Billtobox lies mainly in two things. First and foremost: the ease of the pre-encoding of the documents, whereby, for example, the metadata is automatically recognised and the documents are converted to electronic format. "This saves our customers a lot of work," says Delattre. "But we also benefit a lot from it. After all, all documents come in as UBL and VAT processing is also much easier. As a result, the further manual invoice processing process is eliminated and we have the guarantee that no errors have crept into the coding. And our customers have the guarantee that their outgoing invoices are correct and that they reach their customers faster, which means that they are paid faster".

The increase in efficiency is most noticeable in companies with many small customers. Delattre is convinced that, depending on the type of customer, his office achieves between 15 and 50 percent time savings in sales coding. "Especially because the creation of the customer information sheet is done automatically via the UBL. And even though the efficiency gains are less in terms of purchases, we sometimes achieve time savings of up to 15 percent".

Maximising potential

Delattre is convinced that he is not yet using Billtobox's full potential. "I definitely want to use the payment services in the future. In this way, my customers' payments will be delivered to me faster and more streamlined. I am really very satisfied with Billtobox, especially because it is such an easy to use system, also for my employees," he concludes.


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