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The all-in-one solution

Managing your invoices, payments and administration has never been easier.


Create and Send Sales Invoices in Just a Few Seconds


Creating, sending and tracking sales invoices has never been easier.
Banqup Create an invoice in 60 seconds
Banqup Monitor invoice status
Banqup Secure archiving

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Banqup’s Business Wallet is the payment solution you’ve been waiting for


No need for card readers, multiple platforms or time consuming bank transfers. Approve, pay and manage all your invoices with your Banqup Business Wallet.
Banqup Pay invoices directly from your Business Wallet 
Banqup Pay several suppliers at the same time using batch payments
Banqup Soon to be available features such as Banqup Paylink payment buttons so that your business gets paid faster

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The administration tool you've always missed


Say goodbye to paperwork. Thanks to Banqup, those piles of paper disappear from your desk for good.
Banqup Receive and manage incoming invoices
Banqup Overview customers & suppliers
Banqup Digital storage

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No more late payments / getting paid

Thanks to Banqup, you have a status overview of your outstanding purchase or sales invoices (based on expiration date) anytime, anywhere. With the clear and intuitive dashboard, you won't lose sight of any deadlines, so you can be sure that everything has been paid on time and avoid unnecessary costs.

No more wasting time searching through stacks of paper

Lost a VAT receipt? Looking for that paper invoice from a few months ago? Well, thanks to our solution this is now a thing of the past! Upload all documents to your Banqup platform with only a few mouse clicks or via the scan function on the app, you’ll no longer have to search through those piles of paper on your desk. Thanks to the the digital archive, you can safely retrieve all invoices 24/7.

Your accountant receives everything without you having to leave the house

Banqup is also able to create a digital link between you and your accountant. Delivering documents to your accountant has never been easier. Through Banqup, they receive all documents that you receive, sent or paid for. You'll no longer have to make visits to your accountant to hand over your paperwork,, your accountant will have an accurate view of your financial status, to assist you more efficiently with good advice. What more could you ask for?

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