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The solution for every entrepreneur

Work smarter with Banqup and manage your invoices, payments and administration using just one digital business tool.

Simplify your administration thanks

to Banqup


Banqup’s secure solution allows you to create, send, receive, pay and archive invoices via your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Store your non-financial documents in Banqup too! Meaning no more piles of paper, just a clearer overview of your administration and more time to focus on your business.

Did you know that an SME entrepreneur (who does not use a digital solution) spends an average of 13 hours and 20 minutes a month on financial administration… But what if you could invest this time in something else?


Time and cost savings with your Business Wallet

Create invoices in a few clicks.

Banqup Process receipts with a single scan.

Banqup Make payments using your Business Wallet by linking your existing bank accounts via our secure connections.

Banqup Process invoices faster with reduced data-inputing.
Banqup One clear dashboard of all your incoming and outgoing finances.


Discover how it works

Our solution is designed for:






Self-employed as a secondary occupation

Are you a larger company that would still like to use Banqup? No problem!

Our product can be adapted to the needs of your company. Contact us, without obligation, and we will discuss the possibilities together.

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