How to create a sales invoice in less than 60 sec


Are you still creating your outbound invoices using a spreadsheet, word processor or in another solution that is very time consuming? If the answer is yes, Banqup will make your life easier and save you a lot of time. With Banqup outgoing invoices take just minutes to create and send!

Thanks to the sales invoice module you can create an invoice in less than 60 seconds and send them on to your customer. Choose how you want to send your invoice:

1. Via email

Send your professional invoices to your customers in 1,2,3 via the Banqup portal. Customers receive a pdf version, sent directly from Banqup.

2. Electronic delivery via the InvoiceNow network

InvoiceNow is the nation-wide electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) network in Singapore. Banqup is also linked with the nation-wide InvoiceNow (Peppol) network where business users can send and receive e-invoices through the Peppol network. More information on InvoiceNow can be found on IMDA’s website.

3. Send the invoice yourself by post

A final option is for yourself to draft the invoices in Banqup and print them to send by post.

In addition, you can also see the payment period for each invoice in Banqup. This enables you to send a reminder via Banqup more quickly when the invoice is almost due.

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