Frequently asked questions

Take a look at FAQs for SMEs to answer any questions your customers may have.


What is Banqup?

Banqup is a digital administration tool for managing administration, invoicing and payments. Banqup provides the link between the accountant and SME, allowing for seamless cooperation between the two.


What does it mean for my firm?

Banqup allows your firm to work smarter. 

No more data-inputting, no more chasing receipts, just real-time cash overview and instant document access. Show your customers your time is better spent as their strategic adviser. And leave the manual, admin tasks to Banqup.


How does Banqup work?

Your customers upload their invoices, receipts and financial documents to the Banqup platform. Banqup's OCR technology and data validation means that neither you or your customers need to input any invoice or receipt data. It is all done for you. Once the documents have been uploaded your customers select which documents you will have access to. They can give you instant access by default, or access on a document by document basis. Your firm will then be able to view all your customer's documents and data via simple dashboards.

Choose who in your accountancy firm has access to which customers.


What is OCR technology?

OCR means Optical Character Recognition. Optical character recognition allows Banqup to recognise patterns from an image allowing it to recognise text from an image and convert it into electronic characters.

Banqup always uses automatic OCR, which is included as standard with all subscriptions. Banqup also has a manual OCR for 100% invoice recognition, for this your customers need the Premium subscription.


How much does Banqup cost?

Banqup is free for members of ISCA thanks the toe ISCA membership privilege program. On top of that will our dedicated onboarding team help you with trainings, installation and the formation of your clients.


How can I reach Banqup support?

Both your firm and your customers can get in touch with the Banqup Customer Support team. You can either email, telephone or fill in an enquiry form on our support page. Take a look at the support page for all of your options.

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