What is Banqup


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Manage your invoicing and administration with ease.

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What is Banqup?

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Banqup is also the No 1 solution on InvoiceNow.

Login into Banqup is super easy and secure thanks to the SingPass login.


Simplify your administration thanks

to Banqup


Banqup's secure platform allows your to create, send, recieve and archive invoices via your device of choice. Plus, securely store all of your non-financial documents too so that all your business documents are in one place.

Did you know that the average SME without a digital solution in place, spends an average of 13 hours and 20 minutes per month on financial administration. Could this time be better spent in your business?


Designed for ease

An invoicing tool that allows you to create, send and follow-up sales invoices.

Banqup  One platform for all your financial and non-financial documents.

Banqup  A real-time overview of your outstanding invoices, top customers and suppliers.

Banqup  A handy app where you can scan and upload all your non-digital documents too.


Discover how it works

Our solution is designed for:







Are you a larger company that would still like to use Banqup? No problem!

Banqup can be adapted to your company's needs. Get in touch for an initial chat to discuss a solution that will work for your business.
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