How does Banqup work?

Banqup is a digital solution and administration tool that facilitates closer collaboration between accountants and bookkeepers and their SME customers. Banqup provides your customers with the tools to manage their administration and finances in a simple and smart way. Whilst your firm can enjoy real time data insights and access to customers’ vital information anywhere, at any time.

From receiving to distributing financial documents to having business insight and financial tools. Banqup is designed to make administrative processes simple. So that your firm and your customer spend less time on manual, time consuming tasks and more time working together to make your customer’s business grow.

But how does it all work?

Step one

Customers raise and upload their invoices into Banqup

Your customers will most likely receive their invoices in various formats. Some as PDF, some as word documents and some as physical copies. With Banqup’s simple functionality your customers can add their invoices to Banqup in a number of simple ways:

  • Drag and drop straight into the Banqup platform
  • Email, either straight from their inbox and straight from their customers themselves
  • Upload, via a file upload or by taking a photo of their invoice

Regardless of the source and regardless of the invoice format, all invoices can be uploaded into the Banqup platform in just a few seconds.

Step two

Built-in OCR technology reads the data

Step two is simple and requires very little work from your customers.

Once your customers have uploaded their invoices to the Banqup platform, Banqup’s built-in OCR technology reads the data. OCR (optical character recognition) technology reads the data on receipts and invoices mechanically, reducing any manual data-inputting. Plus, with Banqup’s manual validation centre, any data that may have been missed by the mechanical OCR is filled in for you.

The two step OCR process considerably reduces the possibility that any data will not have been picked up.

Step 3

Straight from your customer to your firm

After Banqup reads the receipt or invoice data, all documents are converted to digital documents. These documents are then stored in your customer’s Banqup platform and are automatically shared with your accountancy or bookkeeper firm.

Step 4

From Banqup to your accounting software

All digital documents are either forwarded from Banqup to your accounting firm or made accessible online.
You will receive all customer invoices and financial documents in a structured online overview. Your firm can then import the invoices from Banqup straight into your accounting package.

Is Banqup right for my customers?

Yes, Banqup is also for your customers! Customers who are on the go. Customers who want to reduce their administrative burden and spend more time focusing on their business.

To show your customers how digital administration and digital documents will reduce the time they spend on manual tasks, share the benefits in our Banqup customer guide. Download the guide and share with your customers.

Download customer guide

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