What is Banqup?


Banqup for accountants

The digital solution connecting you to your customers easier than ever before.

What is

Banqup is a digital solution that simplifies the administrative and financial tasks for SMEs. Thanks to Banqup’s digital platform, accountants and bookkeepers can enjoy real time access to their customers' financial information and business documents.

Banqup provides businesses with simple tools to manage their financial and administrative processes. Tools that can receive incoming invoices, create and distribute invoices, upload receipts, receive invoice payments and store all business documents.

Plus, with just one click of a button your customers’ financial documents will be available in real-time for your firm to view anywhere, at any time.

Franchise digital administration and financial software

The simplest solution on the market

Franchise digital administration and financial software

Smart control of the entire financial process

Digital business administration software for small businesses

More time to provide financial advice

Who is
Banqup for?

Banqup is designed to simplify SME’s administrative and financial tasks. The insights and accessibility to customer information and documents supports the day to day work of accountants.

Banqup is also for your customers. Customers who are on the go. Customers who want to reduce their administrative burden and spend more time focusing on their business.

By using Banqup’s real time access to your customers’ financial information and business documents, your firm will no longer need to chase invoices, receipts and transactional information. Banqup supports your firm’s transition towards digitalisation and advisory services.

What’s in it for your accountancy firm?

Franchise digital administration and financial software


Visibility of your customers’ incoming and outgoing finances in one place.

Franchise digital administration and financial software


Simpler data collection tasks and simpler tax returns.

Franchise administration and financial software


Providing your accountancy firm with more flexibility to access data anywhere, at any time.

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