Banqup for SMEs


The digital solution for every SME

The all-in-one digital solution to manage your administrative and finance processes with ease.

What is

Banqup is the digital administration solution designed for SMEs.

We understand how business SMEs are. Growing your business, increasing your customer base and managing a lot of departments. Your time is better spent elsewhere, than dealing with your administrative and financial tasks. With Banqup this is possible.

Banqup digitialises your administrative and financial processes. Providing your business with the tools to create, send, distribute, receive and pay invoices all on one digital platform.

Plus, with Banqup’s secure document storage, you can store all of your documents in one place. Access documents at any time through Banqup’s search and filter functionalities. And even provide your accountant access for simpler and smarter tax returns.

Learn even more about Banqup, if the solution is right for your business and the benefits it creates.

What is Banqup?

How does Banqup work?

Banqup works with ease, designed to simplify your administrative and financial processes.

Access Banqup via the online digital platform, or via the mobile app to:

  • Create invoices in less than 60 seconds
  • Distribute invoices straight to your end user
  • Receive and pay invoices
  • See a clear overview of your customers via one dashboard

Discover how your business can set-up and use Banqup in no time at all via Banqup’s simple and smart processes.

How does Banqup work?

Features of Banqup

E-invoicing software for small businesses


Banqup's billing solution helps billing becomes easier than ever before. Create, send and monitor invoices straight in the platform.

Digital business administration software for small businesses


The administration tool you can't live without. Say goodbye to paperwork. Thanks to Banqup, those piles of paper will disappear from your desk for good.

What does Banqup mean for me?

Digital administration with Banqup means creating many benefits for your business:

Banqup Easy to use payment services
Banqup Designed for ease
Banqup Improve your cash flow
Banqup Business growth

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about Banqup? Want to know more about the pricing, features and how to create an account? Take a look at our range of FAQs.