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Banqup Easy to use payment services

Banqup Designed for ease

Banqup Improve your cash flow

Banqup Business growth

Easy to use payment services

As a business you don't want to be spending your time on multiple payment platforms, trying to manage all your incoming and outgoing finances. With Banqup you have just one platform. One platform with easy to use payment services.

  • Real-time reconciliation between incoming and outgoing invoices and payments
  • Embedded payments for instant and batch payments
  • Automation of recurring payments to suppliers
  • Payment nudge notifications
  • Safe and secure transactions within the network

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Designed for ease

Your business needs a solution that is quick to set-up and easy to use. With Banqup, you will be using the simplest tool on the market.

  • Invoice creation in less than 60 seconds
  • No more loose receipts and no more paper documents
  • One application to manage your business admin and finances
  • Find the document you're looking for with search and filter document storage
  • Use on the go with the Banqup app and manage your business' finances in the palm of your hand

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Improve your cash flow

Digital business wallet

Smart business wallet

Overview of your business' cash situation in existing bank accounts

Franchise digital administration and financial software

Reduce day sales outstanding

Receive payments 5-7 days faster with one click payment buttons and printed invoice payment QR codes.

Franchise administration and financial software

Real-time overview

See your cash position in real-time via clear dashboards.
Franchise digital administration and financial software

Cash forecasts

Visibility of upcoming payments and due invoices to help create a business cash position forecast.

Business growth

All the right finance and admin tools in place don't mean anything unless they overall help your business grow.

Using Banqup will not only give your business more time and control over your business processes, but it will provide you with business growth tools. Provide your accountant with finance and document access for real-time collaboration so that you can use their billable hours for their strategic advice.

And expand your business with new international resources. Translate your e-invoices into local formats, and utilise international payment functionalities that until now were not available to your business.

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