Invoice Financing

Flexible invoice financing with Banqup

Have eyes on your future cash flow and benefit from flexible financing support when you need it
Flexible invoice financing with Banqup

Have your sales invoice pre-financed with Banqup

As a small business, you don’t want to be worrying about future cash flow. With Banqup you can rest easy.

Using Banqup, your business can tap into flexible working capital for when you really need it. All to ensure that you stay financially stable in a way that works for you.

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Flexible working capital when you need it

Instant financing within one working day

Receive 90% of the invoice amount

You choose which invoice(s) to finance

How does Banqup’s flexible financing work?

  1. Create your invoices in Banqup, just as you normally do
  2. Select which invoices you would like pre-financed
  3. Receive your financing within 24 hours, directly in your Banqup Business Wallet
  4. All financed invoices are automatically processed and followed-up by Banqup


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How do I benefit?


More accurate cash flow

Finance your invoices for a clear real-time cash flow.

Better business decisions

A real-time cash flow allows you to make more informed financial business decisions.

Save time

Gain more free time by leaving late payments and chasing customers to Banqup.



For every invoice you sell to Banqup you pay a fixed percentage of 3% of the invoice value. In addition, you must take out a Banqup Optimum Premium with Payment services subscription (click here for more information about the Optimum Premium subscription?. There are no other and/or hidden costs with us.

We advance an approved invoice for 90%. You will therefore receive 90% of the invoice amount minus the financing costs in your account within one working day. We will deposit the last 10% into your account as soon as the debtor has paid the invoice to us.

Unlike a traditional bank, we are obliged to charge VAT. You will receive a monthly VAT invoice from us that you can process in the usual way.

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