Part 4: Digital administration’s extra possibilities


If you’ve read the first three blogs of this series, you are most likely convinced that digital administration and digital accounting allows you to work with much more efficiency and effectively.

Digital administration possibilities

The digital world is always changing, and digital administration is no exception. This is why we have put together part four of our four-part blog series to help you discover what other possibilities and benefits evolving digital administration can bring to your business.

Haven’t read the previous blogs yet? Then you better start at the beginning with Part 1: Starting your digital accounting journey. You can also download our free e-guide to see the four-part series all in one handy place. 

Paying digitally

Have you digitalised your invoicing process yet? How easy would it be to do the payments for this process digitally too? Well, with the right digital administration solution you can do.

Thanks to the possibility of linking your invoicing platform to your bank, this will all become much easier, smoother and safer. Especially if the relevant information (the invoicing amount, the account number, etc.) is filled in automatically thanks to OCR technology.

And that’s not all. You will also be able to organise your incoming payments digitally too. By adding a payment button to the emails you send to share your electronic invoices, you are providing your clients with the simple and smart tools to pay your invoice straight away.

Do you still use paper invoices from time to time? No problem, your client will still be able to pay digitally via an integrated QR code on each invoice. 

Digital signatures

Printing documents, signing them, sending them and storing them in a folder... Soon these manual activities will be a thing of the past.

In the future you will be able to sign numerous documents digitally, including contracts (leasing, insurance, etc.), financial documents, employment contracts, permits, quotations as well as many others. It’s of course very important that this is done in a secure environment. So be sure to check whether your platform contains the necessary guarantees on a national as well as European level to sign documents digitally in a secure and fraud-proof way.

You’ll even be able to receive, send and sign (or have someone else sign) a registered letter digitally. This not only saves you a trip to the post office, but also paper, stamps and processing costs as well.

These are just a few examples of so-called 'add-ons' that digital administration can provide many businesses. More than ever, it is clear to see how paperless administration is becoming the future.

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