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Banqup is the simplest and smartest digital administration tool. Banqup simplifies administration and finances processes by providing businesses with the opportunity to manage all their administration, invoicing and payments on just one digital platform. With Banqup, businesses spend less time on admin and invoicing, and more time making their business thrive.

Banqup is designed for SMEs, micro-businesses, self-employed businesses and freelancers. With Banqup, these types of businesses no longer need to worry about paper financial documents and can easily transition to digital administration. Banqup is a simple and smart solution that saves businesses time by providing the right functional tools to manage admin and finance processes all in one digital place.

Plus, with the ability to provide your accountant and bookkeeper with access to your financial documents, you can have the confidence that your accountant has all of the information they need to manage your tax returns.

Banqup means having the tools available to manage admin and finance processes via one digital solution.
No longer will businesses need paper, physical documents and no longer will businesses need to input data and manage their finances in more than one place. Banqup provides a clear overview of all incoming and outgoing finances, meaning less time is spent consolidating finances and more time is spent making your business thrive.

Plus, with payment functionality, your invoices will have a payment button meaning that your business will receive payments even quicker.

Simply send your invoices, receipts and financial documents to your Banqup platform. Either by email, drag & drop or by taking a picture on your smartphone. Learn more about the various upload methods via our blog.

Banqup’s OCR (optical character recognition) technology then converts the text and data on your financial documents into digital files. This not only greatly reduces your data inputting but means that your document becomes digital. Provide your accountant with access to your digital documents and pay them straight within the Banqup platform.

Also use Banqup to create e-invoices in just a few minutes! Learn how to set-up and create your invoices in Banqup via this blog.

Not at all! Banqup is a simple solution to set-up and use, perfect for businesses who have either extensive or no knowledge of digital administration. Take a look at our support guides, videos and blog for extra support.

Take a look at our pricing page to understand the different levels and prices of Banqup.

Banqup does not offer a free trial but we do offer a free subscription as part of our level and pricing structure. Take a look at our pricing page for full details.

Using Banqup it is simple to share your documents with your accountant or bookkeeper. You can choose whether to provide your accountant with access to all your documents and financial information or you can choose on a document by document basis.

Take a look at our blog 'Share documents with your accountant in Banqup' to understand the process.

Signing up to Banqup is simple. Take a look at our Starters Guide for the step-by-step process on how to sign up to Banqup.

There are many ways to reach Banqup customer support. You can either email, telephone or fill in an enquiry form on our support page. Take a look at the support page for all of your options.

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