EZ Invoicing

What is EZ Invoicing?

EZ Invoicing is Banqup’s enhanced invoicing solution that provides you with the tools to expand your invoicing capabilities. With EZ Invoicing your business has the tools that allow you to:

  • Control
  • Expand
  • Enhance 

Your business will benefit from new invoicing capabilities, CRM functionality, product catalogue to store all your products and services, plus new insight tools to help you spot business trends. All synced seamlessly to your Banqup platform. An advanced solution without the need for complicated, third party invoicing systems.

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Who is EZ Invoicing for?

EZ Invoicing is designed for SMEs, self-employed businesses and freelancers who want to control, expand and enhance their invoicing capabilities without things getting too complicated.

No complicated onboarding, no in depth training required, just EZ Invoicing.

Control the full invoicing process, expand your professional invoicing capabilities and benefit from enhanced features.

What's in it for my business?


Full control of the invoicing process

  • Integrated workflow meaning you can easily convert from one document in the invoicing process to the next.
  • Control invoice creation with custom professional templates and emails that fit your business needs.
  • Who’s got time to chase late payments? Control your payment reminder emails and templates to suit your messaging.


Professional invoicing capabilities without complicated software

  • Expand your documents and create quotes, sales orders, dunning emails and tailored payment reminders using one simple user-friendly tool
  • Benefit from your own CRM, insights dashboard and products/services catalogue.
  • Create professional documents by simply selecting row items from your catalogue and recipients from your CRM.


Enhanced features that make your invoicing processes simpler and smarter

  • Enhanced invoice creation. Save your accounts, customers, contacts and suppliers in your CRM. Easily add the right person to the right invoicing document in just a few clicks.
  • Invoice creation is simple and smart when you can create tailored documents, without creating them from scratch each time.
  • Enhance your sales process by easily tracking document progress and converting one document to the next in your sales journey.

How does EZ Invoicing Work?

EZ Invoicing is designed to be easy. Easy for your business to set-up and use in no time at all. All synced with your Banqup account to make business admin and billing even easier.

Take a look at EZ Invoicing’s demos and learn how you can enhance your invoicing capabilities using such a simple and smart tool.

Get started

Control, expand and enhance your invoicing in no time! Using your Banqup paying subscription, get started with EZ Invoicing in just a few steps.

  • Log into your Banqup platform
  • Navigate to your apps
  • Select EZ Invoicing
  • You will be directed to the EZ Invoicing application where you information will be pre-filled out for you using your Banqup account details
  • Check the information, click accept and that’s it!