Why digital administration is relevant for your franchise

Digital administration and your franchise

  • Does your franchise want full visibility of your franchisees’ finances?
  • Does your franchise want one consolidated invoice distribution process for all?
  • Does your franchise want to benefit from simple invoice creation, distribution and payment?
  • Does your franchise and franchisees want a clear overview of finances anywhere at any time?

Digital administration is designed for businesses who want to spend less time on admin and financial tasks, and more time growing their business. Read on to discover the digital administration benefits.

Benefits for your franchise

Transitioning from paper based methods to digital means streamlining your franchise’s admin and finance processes, creating better efficiencies and more financial visibility.

Simplify processes

Simplify processes with only one invoice distribution tool in place for all franchisees. Not only will you consolidate processes but you will have the confidence that your franchisees are using a simple and smart tool to send and receive invoices.

Improved visibility

With digital administration by Banqup you have the ability to view all franchisees’ incoming and outgoing finances in one place. Have more control of their business finances and reduce the time spent consolidating all your franchisees' financial figures.

Save time

Franchisees will spend less time on admin tasks and more time on their business. You will also have the time to view all your franchisees' finances in one place and have the time to leverage business data and insights.

Digital administration with Banqup

Improve your franchisees’ processes with the right digital administration tools

Give your franchisees business insights at their fingertips, the tools to quickly automate manual tasks, and solutions in place to transform business processes.

All with digital administration by Banqup. 

Why Banqup?

Banqup is the simplest and smartest digital administration solution.
Banqup's functionality provides your franchise with the tools to quickly automate manual tasks and transform business processes.

More control

Control over incoming and outgoing finances with one clear tool and dashboard.


Simpler admin processes

Just one consolidated tool used by all franchisees.

New franchisee opportunities

Easier to onboard new franchisees with simple set-up, onboarding and ongoing customer support.

More efficiency

Less time spent inputting data and sharing financial insights by using Banqup’s OCR technology.

How does Banqup work for my franchise?

Banqup helps franchisees simplify the process of creating, sending and receiving invoices, as well as managing and archiving documents.

  1. Once Banqup is set-up for your franchise, simply add your franchisees to use the central, consolidated Banqup solution.
  2. Franchisees can then upload, drag & drop or email their financial documents straight to the platform. With Banqup’s data extraction technology, data-inputting is greatly reduced.
  3. Have access to each franchisees’ financial documents and real-time data via easy to view dashboards.
  4. Add new franchisees onto your Banqup solution with simple and smart monthly licences.

Download the Banqup starter guide for a step by step set-up guide.

Download starter guide

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