Banqup for accountants


Banqup for accountants

An online solution that connects you and your clients easier than ever before.

What is Banqup?


Banqup is a online platform that reduces the admin and financial tasks between you and your customers. Thanks to Banqup, your customers can share all of their financial documents with your firm via Banqup's digital platform.

The Banqup solution ensures that businesses have the simple tools to manage their financial and administrative processes. From receiving incoming invoices, creating and distributing invoices, uploading receipts and storing all business documents, you and your customers will have full visibility of all financial documents.

Your customers can automatically share all of their documents with you in a secure library, for you to access all year round.

How does Banqup work?


Customers upload their invoices into Banqup

With Banqup, your customers can upload the likes of invoices and receipts in any format to the platform.

Built-in OCR reads all data

Once your customer has uploaded their documents, Banqup's OCR (optical character recognition technology will read and pre-fill data within the platform for you.

From Banqup to your accounting program

After reading the data, all invoices will be automatically converted into a digital invoice. All digital invoices can then be forwarded to your firm so that you can see every invoice via a structured online view.



“Thanks to Banqup, we give our
customers exactly what they want:
maximum care.“

Rob Verschaeren – Verschaeren & Mertens

Banqup's benefits


No more searching in folders

In addition to the time you save when processing invoices, you and your firm will also have access to a digital folder for each customer. Find the documents you need with a single mouse click without having to search through dusty archives.

Your firm can do what they do best

Instead of spending time processing invoices and chasing documents, Banqup gives your firm back the time to focus on your business and customers.

You have total control

You retain full control of the entire process. All documents are forwarded to your firm throughout the year, but you choose when they need to be processed, at a time that is most ecient for you and your firm.

Take your customer relationship to the next level

Not only can you provide your customers with excellent advice, you can also help them digitise their administration. Help reduce your customers' financial and admin tasks, and spend more time helping them grow their business.

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