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The simplest digital business tool

Banqup, the smartest way to manage invoices, admin and payments using the simplest digital tool.

What is Banqup?

If an SME would rather spend less time on admin and banking processes and more time growing their business, then Banqup is the smartest solution.

Banqup is a simple and smart solution that combines payments, invoicing and document management in one place. Using Banqup, businesses can enjoy payment services such as their own Banqup Business Wallet. A place to manage their billing and payments. Just like an existing wallet, but digital! Meaning that invoices are paid quicker than ever before.

Plus, with soon to be available features, select businesses will receive a Banqup Business Account. So they can use their Business Wallet to get paid too!

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Reduce the hassle

Reduce paperwork, data-inputting and switching between various platforms. Instead, pay supplier invoices and manage customer billing on just one platform.

Numbers that make sense

Real-time financial insights are no longer a dream with Banqup. One dashboard to view incoming payments, outgoing payments and payments due.

Start in no time

No sign-up fees and no complicated onboarding. In just a few steps enjoy scanning receipts and documents in an instant.


"Banqup is a quick fix that works: fast,
plug & play, and without the hangover”.
All I can say is to give it a try!”

Franky - The driving force behind Turbeau Noir

Simply create and send invoices 


Create business invoices with accuracy and ease using Banqup’s invoicing solution.

Banqup Create sales invoices in less than 60 seconds
Banqup Up to date overview of all open sales invoices
Banqup Track real-time invoice sends, views and payments
Banqup Easily archive all paid invoices

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Pay the easy way with the Banqup Business Wallet

Thanks to the Banqup Business Wallet businesses can enjoy a digital payment solution at their fingertips. Link existing bank accounts and enjoy the benefits.

Banqup Pay invoices faster
Banqup View payment flows and linked bank account balances in one place
Banqup Enjoy new and innovative payment features with the ever-evolving Business Wallet
Banqup Coming soon get paid features such as Banqup Paylink payment buttons and automatic payment reconciliation

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Spend less time on admin


As well as organising invoices and payments, use Banqup to manage other business documents and admin tasks.

Banqup Receive purchase invoices directly in Banqup
Banqup One clear overview of all customers and suppliers
Banqup Secure digital archive for any non-financial documents

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Learn more about Banqup

Banqup is the simplest, smartest digital administration solution. Banqup is a global solution, available in many countries. Find out if Banqup is available in your country and if there is a subscription suited for your business.

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