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Creating, sending and monitoring sales invoices has never been easier.

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Create a sales invoice


Our solution is designed to make it easy to create sales invoices with your company's logo. In less than 60 seconds, you can create a sales invoice, choose your customer, select your product/service, indicate the correct price and then send the invoice via your channel of choice.


Pay your supplier invoices

Pay your supplier invoices in just a few clicks and set-up recurring payments for one less thing to worry about.

Get paid on time

Create your invoices in seconds and distribute them instantly so that you get paid on time. Plus, get paid using your Business Wallet too, with soon to be available digital payment features.

Use just one digital tool

Use the simplicity of your Business Wallet to enjoy payment features on your laptop, tablet or smartphone!


"Thanks to this tool, I waste less time on administrative tasks and can focus more on my designs and growing my client base. “

Elena - Freelance graphic designer


Sending e-invoices to the government

This is also a piece of cake with Banqup! Since we are the access point to the
Peppol network, sending invoices to the government is child's play.


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