Compliant and secure ways of working

Secure your firm’s and customers’ processes and rest easy knowing you are creating compliant e-invoicing ways of working
E-invoicing and secure document tools for accountants

What kind of compliance?


E-invoicing requirements

Mandatory e-invoicing is moving at a fast rate. You, as an accountant, are best positioned to guide your clients so that they become compliant.

Secure financial exchange

Ensure your clients are exchanging financial documents and invoices in a safe and secure manner, for one less thing to worry about.

Trusted payments

Secure, validated and trusted payments with a certified payments institute. That’s why customers and accountants choose Banqup.


Prepare for upcoming mandatory e-invoicing

Banqup provides an easy transition to electronic invoicing. Not only to create simpler invoicing processes for your customers, but to also ensure they meet local tax compliance and e-invoicing regulations.

Banqup connects and exchanges with local tax authority platforms and international networks. It's easy to keep on top of local regulations, when Banqup is doing the work for you.

  • Comply with local regulations
  • Connect to international networks, such as Peppol
  • Automatically archive all customer invoices and documents to the UK's minimum requirements of 7 years
  • While benefiting from simple and smart electronic invoicing processes

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Feel secure exchanging financial information

Exchanging important financial documents is easy with Banqup. Create digital documents on the platform or convert scanned and uploaded documents into digital formats for easy traceability.

  • Two-factor authentication login for both you and your customers
  • Rest easy knowing your customers are validating their payments with their own Banqup ID app
  • Track invoice sends, opens, views and payments
  • Secure document archive, for both you and your customers

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The smartest way to pay and get paid

With Banqup, your customers use just one tool to pay and get paid easier. And what’s in it for you?

  • Peace of mind knowing your customers are using a payment service provided by a licensed payment institution
  • Simple payment reconciliation so that you don’t waste time matching payments with invoices again
  • Automatically forward CODA files from your customer’s Banqup account, and integrated bank accounts, to your accounting software

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Accountants love Banqup


“A huge advance, both for our firm and for our clients”

Xavier Delattre

Works effortlessly with your accounting package


Demo Banqup

Want to know more? Demo Banqup and ask our Banqup team any questions you may have about Banqup’s compliance and secure processes.

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