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Create one seamless digital way of working with Banqup’s simple integrations
Accounting integrations and APIs with Banqup

Integrate easily with Banqup’s APIs

Banqup exists to make your and your firm’s lives easier. This is why Banqup creates one smart financial ecosystem, independent of your accounting software.

Meaning, you can feed your customers’ invoices, payments and data straight from Banqup into your existing ERP or accounting systems.

Banqup’s API library offers you a variety of APIs and services, including VAT, IBAN TRN validators. All creating one connection for the simplest and smartest digital way of working.

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Link your accounting package

Easily integrate your accounting package of choice with Banqup. No need to switch platforms or providers, and no extra IT work required!

Just one seamless digital connection for even simpler and smarter ways of working.

Want to double check if your accounting package of choice is included? Contact your Banqup Support Team for extra information.

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Accountants recommend Banqup

“I recommend Banqup because it is compatible with most accounting software, avoiding additional investment or needing to reconfigure current software."

Allan Darquenne, Bureau Comptable Darquenne

Easily integrate your accounting package


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Discover Banqup for yourself via a quick demo. Explore the features, view the customer facing platform and learn how your firm and customers can benefit from Banqup.

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