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What is Banqup and why is it relevant to my business?

  • Banqup is digital administration made simple.
  • Banqup stops you wasting time on manual, admin tasks.
  • Banqup is the all-in-one solution for billing, payments and admin.
  • Banqup means you can create invoices in less than 60 seconds.
  • Banqup puts an end to loose receipts and paper documents.
  • Banqup is designed for ease with no complex set-up and no sign-up fees.
  • Banqup works on a simple monthly subscription.
  • Banqup can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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How does Banqup benefit your business?

Digital business wallet

Easy to use payment & invoicing services

Don't waste time on multiple platforms. Instead create invoices, embed payments for instant and batch payments, automate recurring payments and send automatic payment nudges with just one tool.
SME digital business administration software

Designed for ease

Invoicing for freelancers, self-employed and micro businesses is made easy with invoice creation in less than 60 seconds! Meaning no more loose receipts and no more multiple applications.
SME digital business administration software

Improve your cash flow

Clear visibility of payments coming in and payments going out, your business will have an instant overview of your improved cash flow.
SME digital business administration software

Business growth

Using Banqup will not only give your business more time and control over your business processes, but it will provide you with business growth tools.

Features of Banqup

Using Banqup's all-in-one platform means your customers no longer waste time on manual, admin tasks.

  • Billing - Banqup's billing solution helps billing and invoicing become easier than ever before. Create, send and monitor invoices straight in your Banqup platform. Perfect for freelancers, self-employed businesses and micro businesses.
  • Payments - No need for card readers, multiple platforms or bank transfers. Simply process, pay and manage all your invoices with your Banqup Business Wallet.
  • Administration - The administration tool you can't live without. Say goodbye to paperwork and spreadsheets and say hello to digital administration with Banqup. 

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Ongoing support

SME digital business administration software

Customer onboarding

We will support your transition to digital administration with Banqup.
Digital accountancy software for small businesses

Support section

How To videos, FAQs, guides and blogs. Everything you need to get started with Banqup.
SME digital business administration software

Customer Support team

Talk to an actual human over the phone, email or join Banqup webinars for continuous support.

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